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Dear Ine,

we miss you !!!

Bradley is doing great and we love this little guy. He stays with me, even if he is not on the leash.  When he is running in front of me, he often waits for me or comes back as soon as I call him. We started to work on peng (he is rolling now from side to side), he gives Pfoetchen and starts to differenciate between Pfoetchen and high five :-). 

Writing this email I recognize that I almost write about Bradley as I am writing about the accoplishments of our children. I never thought that I am a dog person.  

Thank you for showing us to train a dog in a positive way. I was always impressed how you interact with dogs. You are a great role model for us and I am thankful that we found you. Because of you, we had a great start with our Mister and we are looking forward having him for the next years.

Have a great day.

Cordially greetings from Iris & Paulien and a very cordial Wuff from Bradley.


Ine saved us, from a terrible nightmare!  Not only did my husband bring home a Border Collie Puppy to entertain me, but little did we know... she was our very own rotary drill too!  We thought with an educated dog training book, we could control our lil' hyper ball of fun....but, after several unsuccessful attempts and many little holes in the walls... we chose to have a Private Trainer for  a more personal one-on-one service, rather than a room full of out-of-control puppies with one trainer begging for more time and another consultant.  She came to our home, stayed long enough to train us and Rosie, while leaving us with handouts for more help during the week. With Ine's guidelines, we NOW have a wonderful, well-behaved Border Collie that waits patiently, runs off the leash, comes on demand, sits pretty, stays on command, shakes paw paw, gives me high fives, and hopefully one day will clean the house too!  ***Fingers Crossed***
You won't find another that is sooooo devoted and caring as Ine Waelbers! 

Jodie, from Duisburg

Hi Ine

 I just wanted to thank you for your invaluable help in teaching us show to interact properly with our dog. Because of your help, teaching and training Pax has become fun and easy, and we see constant progression. There are so many things you noticed and help us correct, and you also gave us an understanding of why it’s important to work consistently with a dog from a young age.

You will certainly get our highest recommendation.

Best regards



Hi Ine
Thank you so much for your instruction and inspiration with Simba. Your lessons have been invaluable in getting us off to a good start with our dog. Your lessons are a great combination of instruction/discipline combined with a degree of fun to keep it enjoyable. We will be sure to recommend you to any colleagues needing lessons for a dog. 

Kind regards,



A year ago, I thought I made the biggest mistake in my life by bringing home a dog from the shelter.

Luckily, I met a very motivated and wonderful dog therapist :-).  Mickey learned quickly to pay attention to his name, not to pull on his leash and chew on it, not to chase joggers and cyclists anymore, and to drop things on the command "Thank you” while playing fetching games.
Then we raised the bar a bit higher... No more aggression towards other dogs when walking on the leash. It was a real challenge for both the dog and me, his owner.  Some days were better and more successful, but we got there!  We still continue to maintain his wonderful behavior!  Ine, I really wish to thank you for letting me realize and see what a super dog I’d brought into my life!

Nora is now 16 weeks old and today we went for the first time to the dog school. We were amazed and very proud to see how much more advanced she was in terms of behavior, seeing what she already could do compared to the other pups!  She was much more relaxed than most other puppies and at the end of the lesson, the instructor called her 'doctorandus' because she could already do most of the things he was teaching. 

It was very nice to have experienced this.  As we already told you, we do not find it easy raising a puppy, and we sometimes think that progress is not fast enough, but after what we have just seen and heard today, we are 100 % convinced that we are definitely on the right track with Nora.
Another thing we proudly want to let you know: there were only two puppies of the whole group that came instantly when called!  Nora was one of them. And not only that, she also came when called while playing with the rest.

OF COURSE: we rewarded her big time for that and then let her go back to playing. We were really proud!
Many thanks for the great start that you’ve given Nora and us, and we can’t wait for the puppy 2 course !
Greetings and a paw,

Dennis, Mieke & Nora

It’s a little while since I wrote but I would just like to let you know that we have already received many positive comments :-). It seems so long ago that people made remarks like “is the dog taking you out again! ".

It's so wonderful to walk in a normal way with Brio. He is still doing well and both he and I have fun again. We walk a lot more than before! We have both found our automatic pilot  => I don’t hear you anymore but we still do the things as if you were walking with us. We still walk TOGETHER and I can also just chat with my friend!  

Thank you for your guidance. Always welcome if you're around.


After three weeks of applying the rules consistently with Goofy and use and do all the advices and tips you gave us, we find it is already going much better!  Of course there is still work to do but "practice makes perfect" as they say J. 

I must admit I found it very difficult at first and it pains me to be so 'firm'  with him but… You were right: I'm still his best friend!   And now that I see the improvement and benefits of this way of dealing / handling / caring / living with him…  it even feels good and I don’t feel guilty anymore. 

I know Rome wasn’t built in a day, and that changing a culture and habits take some time but the changes we already notice, make it clear we’re on the right track.   

We continue to be confident in what we do now.
Thanks for your excellent advice




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