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BASIC COURSE - 10 lessons

The main purpose of this series of lessons is to outline how your puppy will become a stable, pleasant and well-behaved family dog. You should be able to take your dog with you anywhere you go and without worries as they will be social to humans and other animals, quiet and calm when necessary, playful when possible and with a  minimal obedience to the basic commands. 

This group course consists of 10 weekly lessons with a maximum group size of 6 participants, to ensure the best guidance for you and your dog. Lessons are given solely by me.  Educating and training will take place in a pleasant, playful and relaxed manner so that training is always fun for both dog and owner.

Theory and practice are always alternated during each lesson so you will learn more about your dog and get a better understanding about how they learn.  In this way you become more effective in directing your dog’s behaviour. 



You will learn how you can teach your puppy some basic commands (react to their name, to come on command, sit, lie down, staying in sit and lie down, walk on the leash without pulling, ...) and also general educational items which many people struggle with (getting clean in the house, biting behaviour , learning to stay alone, remain calm and quiet when being confronted with distractions, playing ...).

In contrast to the classic dogs schools, I deliberately choose to give class in public places (e.g. the Park of Tervuren) because this gives me opportunities to help participants and their pups in learning how to deal with and function effectively in ' everyday life ' (how do deal with your pup when a horse passes by, with cyclists and cars, jeering children, ducks and geese etc..

The basic course of 10 lessons starts once a month.

Registration in advance is necessary. 

Click here to sign up or ask more information.

This basic course  is designed for puppies from 8 weeks up to 4 months. i.e. only puppies that are younger than 4 months on the starting date can participate.   If your puppy is already older than 4 months on the starting date, you can opt for the basic course for Young Dogs

In case you wish to start earlier than the date the groupcourse will start, you can take one or 2 individual sessions, to get the most pressing questions answered directly so you can start dealing with some issues at home straight away.


ADVANCED COURSE - 10 lessons

After the basic course,  your dog will be between  4.5 months and 6.5 months old. You can now opt to continue training through my series for advanced students in case there is enough demand and if possible to plan in an extra group

During these weekly lessons , we maintain the exercises and learned behaviour from the basic course, we extend these basic exercises and commands to a higher level or in more difficult situations and we add new exercises and commands. Of course there will be also be a chance to attend to questions and all the educational items you may be experiencing during that period.




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